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Hear the stories of actors and musicians, who were once known to the world! Find out what they're doing today and what it was like, Being Famous!


This Podcast operates from the generosity of donations. If you would like to support the Podcast through a PayPal donation, there are two ways to do so. Donate $100 and score some dope swag! Don't want to donate $100, but would still like to show your support? Got it! You can donate any dollar amount you desire. Any donation is greatly appreciated! For more information about donating, please see:  Donate/Merchandise.

The Host

My name is Clif. I am the producer and host of Being Famous Podcast. I am based in Charlotte, NC. I appreciate you checking out my Podcast and website! I graduated from LSU and have a background in the radio industry. I have also done a bit of television production work and some small scale acting.

where to listen

All episodes can be heard on: this web page (Listen/Guests), Apple Podcasts, Spotify and iHeart Media.

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