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Joseph D'Onofrio

Joseph D.jpg

Joseph was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Joseph has appeared in movies such as; Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles, Good Fellas, Analyze That, Jungle Fever, A Bronx Tale and many more! He also appeared in 25 episodes of the TV series, Are We There Yet. He's worked with renowned directors like; Robert De Niro, Harold Ramis, Spike Lee and Martin Scorsese.  Listen to Joseph, as he shares stories about his life and acting career. We also will give away 2 tickets to his stand up comedy show 1/18/20 in Staten Island, NY. Listen to win!



Stevie B

Stevie B2.jpg

Stevie B gained recognition in the South Florida club scene in 1987, with his club hit, Party Your Body. Also, the title of his debut album, which went Gold. Stevie B went onto have a string of "Freestyle" hits including, Spring Love, I Wanna Be The One and Dreamin' Of Love. He would gain worldwide recognition in 1990, with his Ballad, Because I Love You (The Postman Song) which stayed at #1 for 4 weeks! Listen to Stevie, as he shares his stories about the history of Freestyle Music, how he began his music career, the record label business, what it was like to work with Pitbull, his rise to fame and much more!

Matt Adler.jpg


Matt Adler

Matt has appeared in movies such as; Teen Wolf, Flight of the Navigator, White Water Summer, Dream A Little Dream, the 1987 Cult Classic, North Shore where he played the lead role of Rick Kane and more! Born and raised in California, Matt knew he wanted to become an actor while in High School. Listen to Matt, as he shares stories about acting, surfing, why he wouldn't live anywhere else, other than Los Angeles, his friendship with John Philbin (Turtle from North Shore), what it was like working with Michael J. Fox on Teen Wolf, his disappointment in not landing a role in the movie Just One of the Guys, his thoughts on the late Corey Haim, what he's doing today and so much more!



John Philbin

John Philbin.jpg

John has appeared in movies such as; The Return of the Living Dead, Children of the Corn, Grandview USA, Tombstone, the original Point Break and the 1987 cult classic, North Shore, where he played the character of Turtle. Listen to John, as he shares stories about acting, surfing, his friendship with Eric Stoltz, the experience of being in numerous cult classics, how aging has given him a different perspective on life, what Patrick Swayze’s “day rate” was in the 90’s, scenes in North Shore where he was wearing a wig, what the audition process was like for Point Break, his latest movie Undateable John and more!



Frank Jasper

Frank Jasper.jpg

Frank played the character of "Brain Shute" in the 1985 movie, Vision Quest. Listen to Frank, as he shares stories about filming Vision Quest, what it was like working with Matthew Modine, how he landed the role as "Brain Shute", how he had to continue to drop weight for the movie, if he met Madonna during her cameo, what he's doing today and so much more!



Steve Kilbey

Steve Kilbey.jpg

Steve Kilbey is the founding member and lead singer/bassist of, The Church. Steve, along with Peter Koppes and Nick Ward, formed The Church in the late 70's. The Church scored a Top 40 Hit in 1988 with, Under The Milky Way. Steve has written somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 songs and has released 14 solo albums. Steve, overcame heroin addiction in 2000. Always open and candid, Steve doesn't disappoint in this episode! Listen to Steve, as he shares stories about The Church, Marty Wilson Piper, what a typical day for him is like in Australia, as well as his thoughts on The Cure, INXS and a host of other bands. Steve also talks about the upcoming release of a new Church record, future tour and so much more! Expect several F bombs to be dropped. Enjoy!



Diane Franklin

Diane Franklin.jpg

Diane began her career as a model. She later transitioned to acting, in the early 80's, where she appeared in a wide variety of TV commercials. While attending college at NYU, Diane landed the female lead role, in the 1982 Cult Classic, The Last American Virgin. Diane went on to have an extensive acting career, in television and movies, through the 1980's. In 1985, she starred in another Cult Classic, Better Off Dead, where she played the role of Monique. In 1989, she appeared in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Listen to Diane, as she talks about how she got into the entertainment business, the experience of appearing in several Cult Classic Movies, what she's doing today and much more!



Kid Sensation


Kid Sensation (Xola Malik) was part of Sir Mix-A-Lot's crew back in the late 80's and early 90's. Xola, who was born and raised in Seattle Washington, hooked-up with Sir-Mix-A-Lot at an early age, where he began Dj'ing parties around the Seattle area. Xola, would go on to be featured on 2 tracks, from Sir Mix-A-Lots debut album, Swass. During his career, Xola would release 6 albums, sell over 1 million units and reach gold status in Germany, with his hit, Seatown Funk. Listen to Xola, as he talks about: how he got involved in Hip-Hop, how he met Sir-Mix-A-Lot, the time his crew go into a small scuffle with 2 Live Crew, his friendship with Ken Griffey Jr, why he changed his birth name (Stephen Spence), his latest song Feelin' Myself, what he's doing today and much more!



Amanda Kramer


Amanda Kramer has been a member of numerous musical groups, including: Information Society, The Golden Palominos, World Party and 10,000 Maniacs. Amanda has been a mainstay since 2002, as a member of The Psychedelic Furs. Born and raised in New York, Amanda started playing piano at 6 years old. As a member of Information Society, Amanda would be a part of the groups 1980's success, which would included two top 10 hits. Through the years, Amanda has leant her musical talent to; Siouxie Sioux, Tom Bailey (The Thompson Twins), Steve Kilbey (The Church), Eurythmics and Lloyd Cole. Listen to Amanda, as she shares stories about her time with Information Society, what it was like working with The Church, what it's like living in the U.K, what the 80's meant to her, what it's like to tour, who she thinks is the greatest Synth-Pop Band, what she would be doing if not involved with music and so much more!



Cort McCown

Cort 3.jpg

Cort has appeared in numerous tv shows and movies. Cort, was raised in Oklahoma but later moved to Los Angeles. The first movie he appeared in, was the 1980's classic, Teen Wolf. Although uncredited, this would help propel Cort's acting career. Cort landed a supporting role as Quint, in the 1987 teen classic movie, Can't Buy Me Love. After Can't Buy Me Love, he would take some time off from acting, but would later go on to appear in a wide array of tv shows and movies. Today, Cort's main focus is as a stand up comic. Listen to Cort, as he talks about why he moved to Los Angeles, what his first acting gig in LA was, what it was like working on Can't Buy Me Love, who he still keeps in touch with from Can't Buy Me Love, his thoughts on Michael J. Fox, what he thinks about "Reality" Tv, what he's doing today and so much more!



Garfield Bright


Garfield Bright is a member of the R&B quartet, Shai. Formed at Howard University, Shai would go on to achieve Double Platinum status. Their biggest hit, If I Ever Fall In Love, peaked at #2 on the Hot 100 Chart, in 1992.  The song was held off from the #1 position by Whitney Houston's, I Will Always Love You. The group would go on to  release several albums, including Blackface (1995), which achieved moderate success. In this episode we go into great detail about Shai's debut album, If I Ever Fall In Love (1992). Also listen as Garfield talks about; how Shai was formed, his time at Howard University, how their record deal came to be, what the experience of signing a record deal was like, where he believes Shai ranks within other R&B groups, what it was like to be a part of the early 90's R&B scene and so much more!



Damen Heyward

Damen 3.jpeg

Damen Heyward, was a founding member of the 1980's R&B Group, 4 By Four.  He would also go on to be a member of legendary R&B group, the Force MD's. 4 By Four would go on to release 3 singles, off their 1987 self titled debut album. The song they are most well known for, Come Over, was written and produced by Melvin Riley, of Ready For The World.  Come Over peaked at #10 on Billboard's Hot Black Singles Chart, staying on the chart for 14 weeks. 4 By Four, would release one album and a total of 3 singles. In this episode, Damen goes into detail about what it was like being a founding member of 4 By Four. Also listen, as Damen talks about; how 4 By Four was formed, what the experience of signing a record deal was like, how he got to know Teddy Riley, what it was like to work with Melvin Riley of Ready For The World ,what it was like being a member of the Force MD's, what restaurant he always visits when he's in Los Angles, what he's doing today and so much more!



Clive Farrington

Clive Farrington.jpg

Clive was raised in Manchester, England. He began playing the drums, at the age of 5. As the years went on, he taught himself to play the bass. Clive was in several bands, including Beau Leisure and Pacific, prior to When in Rome. When in Rome, reached #11 (1988) on the U.S. Billboard Top 40 Chart, with their hit song, The Promise. Through his career, Clive has stayed active in the music industry. Working as an artist, producer and Dj. Listen to Clive, as he talks about his time with When In Rome, what it was like having a hit song, how The Promise became featured in Napoleon Dynamite, what he's doing today and much more! 



Erin Blunt

Erin B 2.jpg

Erin has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies. Erin went on to appear in all 3 of The Bad News Bears movies series. Erin was born and raised in Carson, California. He appeared in his first television commercial at 6 years old. He would later go on to appear in TV shows, like; The Waltons, Happy Days, What's Happening and more! Listen to Erin, as he shares stories about acting, what it was like to appear in all the of The Bad News Bears movies series, how he landed the role of Ahmad Abdul-Rahim, what it was like working with Walter Matthau and Henry Winkler, what it was like being a child star, what he's doing today and so much more!



Katherine Kendall

Katherine 4.jpg

Katherine has appeared in a wide array of television shows and movies. Katherine was born in Memphis, TN. She would later move to New York to study at; The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. While living in New York, she landed her first major role, where she played the character of Molly, in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. She then moved to Los Angeles, in 1995. One year later in 1996, she appeared alongside John Favreau and Vince Vaughn in the 1996 Cult Classic, Swingers. Listen to Katherine, as she talks about why she moved to Los Angeles, what it was like landing her first major acting role, what the audition process was like for Swingers, what it was like to work with Hollywood legend Dennis Hopper in the TV series Flatland, her involvement with the Me Too Movement, what shes's doing today and so much more!



DC Glenn

DC 4.jpg

DC Glenn, also known as The Brain Supreme, is a founding member of the hip-hop duo, Tag Team. Tag Team's hit single, Whoomp, There It Is! would achieve worldwide success in the early-mid 90's. The song was recorded in 1993. DC, was raised in Colorado and attended college at Sacramento State in California. He would later move to Atlanta, Georgia. Once in Atlanta, DC became the head Dj at Atlanta's premiere adult entertainment club, Magic City. Listen to DC, as he talks about why he moved from California to Atlanta, how he met Steve Rolln (Steve Gibson), how Whoomp, There it is! came to be, what he thinks of being a One Hit Wonder, how much money he and Steve earned from their hit single, what he's doing today and so much more!



Todd Duffey

Todd 2.jpeg

Todd has appeared in numerous tv shows and movies. Todd, was born in Raleigh, NC, but later moved to Texas, where he began his acting career. His first notable movie role, was in the 1990 film, Across Five Aprils, where he played the character of Jethro Creighton. In 1995, Todd appeared in an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. While living in Texas, Todd auditioned for and landed the role of Brian in the 1999 Cult Classic Movie, Office Space. While in Texas, he also landed the voice-role, of Scooter McNutty in the family TV series, Barney.  After graduating college from UT Arlington, Todd moved to LA to further his acting career. Listen, as Todd talks about his role as Brian in Office Space, what it was like working with Jennifer Anniston, how he landed the gig on Barney, if he owns any of his original "flair" from Office Space, what it was like to appear in 6 episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, what he's doing today and so much more!



LaLa Sloatman


Lala Sloatman began her acting career in the mid 1980's, due to being run over by a car in Santa Barbara, CA. Lala would move to Los Angeles, CA. to have surgery repaired to her crushed ankle. While in LA, she lived with her Uncle, Frank Zappa and her Aunt. Lala caught the acting bug from her cousin, Moon Unit Zappa. Lala, would go onto appear in several movies throughout the 80's, including: Dream A Little Dream, Watchers, Pump Up the Volume, Tequila Sunrise and more! She would also date the late great, Corey Haim. In this episode, Lala goes into detail about her relationship with Corey Haim and what it was like living with Frank Zappa. Also listen, as Lala talks about, what it was like being an 80's actress, what it was like being famous in the 80's, what it was like working on the set of Dream A Little Dream, how and why she upset Heather Graham, what mega 80's TV star she went on one date with, how the Zappa children got their names and so much more!

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